CoaguChek® INRange system

Enabling you to self-test anywhere, anytime

CoaguChek INRange system
Choose peace of mind

By engaging in your own therapy through self-monitoring, you can spend more time in your target therapeutic range and less time in the clinic.1,2 The CoaguChek® INRange system makes it easy. Connect your meter using USB to quickly and easily send results to your healthcare provider, so you can be confident you are in your target therapeutic range and in control.

Ask your healthcare professional about self-monitoring with the CoaguChek® INRange system.

How to use CoaguChek® INRange in 4 simple steps

CoaguChek INRange Step 1


Put a test strip in the CoaguChek® INRange

CoaguChek INRange Step 2


Prick your finger with the CoaguChek® Softclix XS lancing device

CoaguChek INRange Step 3


Place a drop of blood on the strip.

CoaguChek INRange Step 4


After about one minute, read the result on the CoaguChek® INRange display.

Engaging in your own therapy through self-monitoring gives you: 

Women trimming plants

The freedom to test anytime, anywhere*


Results in about one minute that can be quickly transferred to your computer and shared with your doctor.

Guy fixing a bike

More control over your therapy


Spend more time in therapeutic range and less time waiting for appointments.1,3

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Improved care for a better quality of life


INR self-testing can lead to better health and quality of life. 1,2,4-10

Key features

Results trend reporting: The CoaguChek® INRange meter will let you know if your most recent result is higher or lower than your last result to help understand trends.

Color display: The color display makes important information such as color-coded results noticeable so that they are easy to read and understand.

Commenting: Enter up to 6 comments with each result to help you keep track of any past actions, such as a change in diet or activity, that may have affected the result.

Target range aware: Once a target range is setup in your CoaguChek® INRange, you will clearly know if your results are out of that range

Bluetooth or USB connectivity: Connect the meter to a mobile app via Bluetooth or USB to quickly and easily send results to the healthcare professional. (Bluetooth functionality not yet available in New Zealand)

Reminder and on-screen help: Reminders can be setup for important events such as when to test, take medication or your next doctor's appointment.

On-screen help provides text guidance throughout the test procedure.

CoaguChek INRange

The CoaguChek INRange kit consists of the following components

  • CoaguChek INRange meter
  • CoaguChek XS Softclix lancing device -for single patient use only
  • CoaguChek Softclix lancets (bag of 10)
  • Carrying case
  • User's manual, Quick reference guide
  • USB cable, 4 x AAA batteries


Additional required components


  • CoaguChek XS PT Test PST strips (in a vial)
Health and Lifestyle

Learn more about factors that can influence blood coagulation and the actions you can take to better control your health and lifestyle. 


Health and Lifestyle Stories

*Do not use the meter at an altitude higher than 14,000 feet (4,300 meters)


INR: International Normalized Ration



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