Coagulation self-monitoring

Test at home and avoid the time-consuming visits to the clinic

Give yourself more time.

Discover the benefits of INR self-testing.

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More freedom

Avoid frequent check-ups with your doctor or at the clinic. Take the measurement yourself - wherever and whenever you want.

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Changed self-perception

You feel less like a "patient" when you do not have to go to your doctor or the hospital.


Greater security

Follow your blood-thinning treatment more closely and gain greater insights. Take an extra measurement if you feel unsafe.

Nurse using a Coaguchek Pro II

Update your CoaguChek INRange with the latest software

Nurse using a Coaguchek Pro II

CoaguChek products for healthcare professionals

Learn more about CoaguChek devices for professional use and the different models of patient monitoring.

Elena's Story

It's convenient, and I carry it around in my purse wherever I go, and do my chacks in a matter of seconds.

CoaguChek patient stories

Health and Lifestyle

Learn more about factors that can influence blood coagulation and the actions you can take to better control your health and lifestyle. 

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